Civil Talk: The President’s view on the past season and the future

That’s the curtain down now on season 20-21 and firstly my congratulations go to Kelty Hearts and good luck to them in the play-offs.   

The Lowland League Board were elected to make decisions. These have been unprecedented times filled with the unknown and I would like to extend my thanks to them for making tough decisions.

Closer to home, I would like to thank all the people who have supported the club through the last 12 months as obviously the club has continued to tick over.  With time to think, it is clear that ‘ticking over’ may not be enough in the future for the club and so I am now looking at how all the teams within the club can be harnessed to add strength and how we can attract more people to the club.

Hopefully the disruption to the last two seasons is now a thing of the past and we can look forward to better times ahead.  I am very aware that football being disrupted is at the lower end of the last 12 months problems and I hope that the impact that is felt in other ways by us all heals quickly.

In recognition of the role we can play going forward we are currently discussing how we can partner with a local charity that addresses and supports the issue of our mental and physical health and wellbeing. We are also looking at how we can play a greater role in embracing the community we are in.

Looking forward to next season will bring us many challenges but first and foremost we are a football club and I hope that we can all get back to enjoying the game we love.  So get the vaccine, stay safe and roll on July!