An update from the Strollers

The committee of the club met on-line today to consider what we could do to try and support the current, dreadful situation that the world finds itself in.

Although as individuals we are offering our services as volunteers, we are frustrated by our inability to offer much as a club – yet.

So, we have looked to the future and have decided that for the remainder of this season – whatever that may be – and next season we would like to offer free entry to our games for:

  • All NHS staff
  • All food shop staff
  • All public servants
  • All our local community in North Edinburgh

Putting up floodlights this season has meant great financial hardship to this club, but that doesn’t mean we don’t recognise the real life hardship, effort and commitment that goes on around us and what we would like to say to all of the above is Thank you.

Once we are back on our feet and things return to ‘normal’ we will look at what else we can do as a club to do more.

Our sponsors have been terrific to us over the years and so when things are back to normal how about:

It’s a lovely bright morning so nick up to the Roseburn café for breakfast, before heading back to let KDM shopfitting in to fix all the furniture you have been tearing to bits in isolation, AJ Decorating will be along later to finish the job.  Its Café Truva next for lunch before taking the car to U-K Accident Repair (stopping off at Dingbro for spare parts).  Early evening its off to the Jolly Ristorante before heading home via Javits Take-Away.  Its obviously the weekend or you would be at a night class at Edinburgh College.  How could you afford today?  You had taken the advice of Futurity Financial Services.  How did you get around so quickly?  You were driven by 1st Class Chauffeuring of course!

Best wishes and stay safe

The committee at Civil Service Strollers